We package, ship and supply Non Woven Fabric (NWF) of every kind and according to specific customer requirements, wherever he/she may be.

Hospital Service features a wide range of medical, care and hygiene products.

These products' distinctive characteristics are: excellent quality, great functionality and high therapeutic efficacy.

Quality is a top priority in the company and this is why we work exclusively in accordance with established standards and tested raw materials, purchased parts, components and services.

The ongoing optimization of the production and packaging processes, actively involving our employees, continuous testing of the finished products and high production know-how and technology guarantee a consistently high level of quality. The customer has many qualified persons at his/her disposal who ensure the best type of care.

At Hospital Service, the attention is always focused on the individual, regardless of whether it's a customer, business partner, employee or a patient. For this reason, CIS feels particularly compelled to make a lasting contribution to the improvement, safety and care of its patients.