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Hospital Service, widespread nationwide, is mainly active in the linen rental, laundry and sterilization sector.

With over 10 years of experience, we are the ideal partner to be entrusted with a wide range of services supporting healthcare activities.

Linen rental and laundry, sterilization of surgical instruments, sterile kits in Reusable Technical Textiles (RTT) for operating rooms, supply of Non Woven Fabric (NWF), mattresses: Hospital Service performs a variety of services, allowing healthcare facilities to focus their attention and resources on their "core business", i.e. the nursing and care of the patient.

Not mere suppliers, but something more: an innovative, reliable, professional partner, able to support the Healthcare facility in the constant growth towards excellence.

Our thorough knowledge of the individual specialist services combined with a lucid overview allows us to assist our customers in finding the best solutions to achieve greater efficiency and significant cost savings in the organization of services. With, in addition, the "convenience" of being able to rely on a single source for a variety of services.

Each new solution is capitalized to promote a process of continuous innovation. Every need is analyzed and shared together with the customer.

Hospital Service's know-how, expressed by the professionalism of its technicians, continuous research and development and the use of cutting-edge methodologies, make it, today, a partner able to meet its customers' every need and deadline, with high quality standards.