Rental & Laundry consists in providing reconditioning services to restore and ensure the safety and effectiveness of the performance of reusable devices such as textile items, mattresses and accessories rented to customers.

Items for hire include: flat linen (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, tablecloths), clothing articles (lab coats, hospital staff uniforms, clothing in general) and mattresses & pillows.

Thanks to advanced computer systems and the constant search for new technologies, all rented items can be customized and identified by microchips, which ensure traceability throughout all the handling and washing stages, up to the delivery to the final customer.

The Customer is guaranteed that the hired linen/clothing has a predetermined level of quality, including its subsequent routine maintenance and/or replacement, if necessary. This service allows the customer to have available flat linen, clothing articles, mattresses and anything else needed for carrying out health care activities inside hospitals (for example, uniforms for medical rescue personnel, shoes for employees and various other accessories) in the number and quality deemed necessary.


The working cycles comprise the following steps:


The following shows the flow chart of the production cycle that clearly shows how the circuit of dirty laundry both physically and clearly distinct from that of clean linen: